Katya by Artemiy Bulatov

1-st place


99 votes

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Oksana by Andrey Natocinsky

2-nd place


95 votes

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Sonya by Kristina Podobed

3-rd place


56 votes

full story here


Подходит к концу первый год работы нашего сайта - а значит, время подводить итоги! Спешите выразить восхищение нашими красавицами. Голосуйте за самых полюбившихся - у вас есть время до 29 декабря. В финале мы наградим трех девушек, занявших первые места, подарками от магазина одежды KIXBOX, магазина косметики You Need It и ресторана Crabs are Coming.


It’s been almost a year now since we launched our website, meaning time has come to sum up some of the results. You are more than welcome to express your admiration for our beautiful ladies: please, vote for those you like the most until December 29th. In the finals, the top three winners will be awarded gifts presented by the clothing store KIXBOX, the organic cosmetics shop You Need It, as well as by the Crabs Are Coming restaurant.


Nastya by Dj Aktu


Lera by Olga Sorokina


Lera by Egor Kuzmin / Lera by Igor Tsarukov


Ksusha by Olga Sorokina


Dasha by Kristina Podobed


Katya by Kristina Kurnosova / Katya by Kristina Kubanceva


Alena by Igor Klepnev


Kristina by Anastasia Lazurenko


Stella by Yana Khankhatova


Anya by Tau Demidov


Rita by Vitalik Melnikov


Inessa by Besha Pham


Ksusha by Vladimir Rotar


Nastya by Tau Demidov


Anita by Sergei Viktorov


Aigul by Boris Canter


Chana by Sasha Kulikov / Chana by Oksana Babenko


Yulya by Besha Pham


Nadya by Olga Sorokina


Rimma by Kristina Kurnosova


Katya by Artemiy Bulatov


Lera by Yana Khankhatova


Polina by Besha Pham


Kristina by Ekaterina Manoskina


Sveta by Sergei Viktorov


Olya by Olga Sorokina


Karina by Igor Klepnev / Karina by Nick Sushkevich


Milena by Eva Tokarchuk


Nastya by Egor Kuzmin


Rokhas by Kristina Kurnosova


Tanya by Igor Klepnev


Dasha by Sasha Kulikov


Anna by Sasha Bodrova


Olesya by Sasha Bodrova


Dasha by Igor Klepnev


Sonya by Kristina Podobed


Masha by Anisia Kuzmina


Katya by Denis Izmirliev


Dasha by Julia Ivashkina


Sofa by Julia Ivashkina


Maria by Iana Tokarchuk


Anna by Oksana Babenko


Daniella by Alisa Aiv


Masha by Julia Ivashkina


Sveta by Sol Man


Natasha by Andrey Yaroshevich


Vika by Denis Izmirliev


Vasilisa by Aleksandr Vedernikov


Nadya by Anastasia Lazurenko


Vlada by Iana Tokarchuk


Marina by Stas Falkov


Vlada by Sergey Rogov


Oksana by Andrey Natocinsky


Sasha by Kristina Kurnosova


Nastya by Kristina Kurnosova


Misha by Anvar Norov


Katya by Oksana Babenko


Nastya by Ekaterina Manoskina


Anya by Tau Demidov